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A New Calling…

A new beginning, and a new season in life, seems like an appropriate time to start up the ol’ blog again. There is a new mission; a new calling. I won’t go into all the details in this first post to keep it short, but I’ll cover the gist of it.

After a period of 6 weeks, that included 3 rounds of interviewing, much thought, and much prayer, both EMI and TeamNeal feel confirmed in God’s calling me to join them. (EMI = Engineering Ministries International) My first day was on Wednesday, and I’m going to be working in the office three days a week while I get started on raising support.

Although I’ve worked in a ministry setting before, at Whittier Christian High School, this is a very different kind of ministry, and my role is one that is new, and will be evolving a lot. I’m the Human Resources Manager – a role that didn’t really exist at EMI until now. I am very blessed that the leadership is well aware of some of the vagueness of what I will be doing initially and how long it may take for me to get a handle on all things “HR”. So it will be a gentle, long entrance ramp onto this train.

But I am very excited to be part of such a great Kindgom-building mission, and have already connected with several colleagues, and have had a few light bulb moments as visions of “what could be” start to surface. I look forward to sharing more in future posts!


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