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Baby Steps

Remember the movie, “What About Bob?”. Richard Dreyfuss’ character writes a therapy book called “Baby Steps” and puts Bob on the program. Much to his chagrin, it works marvelously.

Silly though the movie may be, I find myself thinking “Baby Steps” whenever confronted by seemingly insurmountable obstacles. There are a lot of goals I have in my life, that are daunting – at best – when I look from here to the conclusion.

  • Get to 170 lbs.
  • Break an 8-minute mile
  • Run a marathon
  • Finish (and publish?) a novel
  • Travel more
  • Become more like Christ

Obviously, some goals (and this is just a small sample) are precise and measurable, while others are a bit more intangible and realistically, will take a lifetime to work towards. The key (in my mind) is taking Baby Steps.

When I am discouraged by the fact that I’ve only gone jogging once so far in January, well hey, that’s one more than zero. Baby Steps.

When I write 51,000 words of gibberish (no where near the criteria of earning the name “novel”), that’s okay. At least I’m writing and getting better and have a rough draft to work with. Baby Steps.

When I feel like I’ve succumbed to temptations more times in a week than I care to remember, but I showed love to someone or spent time in God’s Word one time….that’s a step in the right direction. A Baby Step, to be exact.

You get the idea.


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