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Saturday With the Kiddos

I just wanted to share 3 things that happened with my kids this morning, and knew it would take longer than a FB status.

-I win!! When comparing who the silliest people are in our family, Connor and Cosette rank us like this:

  1. Daddy
  2. Cosette
  3. Connor
  4. Mama

-While watching Bert & Ernie on Sesame Street, I sort of goaded the kids into an argument, based on their reactions…

Me: Is this funny?
Cosette:  YES!! HAHAHAHA….
Connor:  No it isn’t. *grumpy face*

-I only bought one book at the grand opening of the FCS, despite multiple requests for other things. A brief conversation about what it means to be “rich” ensued….

Cosette:  You have dollars, and HUNDREDS of dollars!! That’s rich!!
Me:  LOL


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One of the things I like about being a dad is coming up with unique activities and bonds with my kids. It’s like an inside-joke, it’s something only we know about and do, and that makes it special. That may be a bit of a generalization or exaggeration, but at the least I’m hoping that we are building memories and strong bonds.

Before I describe the “Secret Cave” thing, a couple other examples of some of those “unique” things I like doing with my kids:

1. “Bonk” – Ever since Connor was little (pre-Cosette even) he and I will make eye-contact, then slowly move close and bonk our heads together. It’s a form of a hug. I started doing it with Cosette too, but with her it’s more dangerous cause she’s a little wild and crazy.

2. Kisses – I like kissing my kids and do it often, despite the frequent complaints that it’s too “slobbery”. But once in a while the kiss is accompanied by one pop-quiz question: “What does a kiss mean?” And I’m happy to say that I have them trained to know and respond: “I love you.” I see a two-fold significance in this: 1-They know that when I kiss them, I’m telling them that I love them; and 2-Hopefully, they will hold kissing as something special and meaningful, and will therefor wait to kiss later when they’re dating.

3. “SURPRISE!” Almost every day when I come home from work, the kids hear my keys rattle at the door, and by the time I enter (or sometimes a little after) the kids jump out from the hallway and yell “SURPRISE!” It’s like a family ritual of the kids welcoming me home. Me like.

4. Funny/Serious – This one I gotta give credit to Cosette…she’s the master of switching moods/emotions at will in a split second. She and I will have a contest of switching from saying, “Funny” and laughing hysterically to saying “Serious” and making a very serious face. She’s very good at it, and I have a hard time keeping a serious face because she cracks me up.

Ok…now about “Secret Cave”…

This is a newer one. One of the kids’ favorite things with daddy is playing on the bed. We have tickle fights, light-saber battles, pretend to be toys in Andy’s room, etc. Last week, while playing on the bed, the three of us ended up under the blanket where it was dark and “spooky”, but we could still kind of see each other. It suddenly felt like a good campfire/ghost-story atmosphere, so using a semi-creepy, low voice (not wanting to scare them TOO much) I randomly said: “And nooowww…it’s time for…Secret Cave Story Time…” *giggles of excitement from kids*

Uh-oh, I think…they’re into this, gotta come up with something good. I don’t remember what the story was I told, as I was ad-libbing something pretty random, but they loved it and wanted more “Secret Cave” when I finished. So then there was, “And nooww…it’s time for Secret Cave Monster-sound contest.” Then “Secret Cave blinking contest”…”Secret Cave coming up with silly names contest”….etc. Now every time we do Secret Cave, the three of us take turns coming up with the next Secret Cave activity/contest. I love the kids’ creativity and silliness. It’s a real challenge to keep thinking outside of the box with new ideas!

I’ll close with Connor’s Secret Cave idea that we did tonight. It was a Secret Cave activity that went on longer than most: fall-asleep-then-wake-up-and-tell-our-dreams. So we all pretend to be asleep for about 5 seconds, then wake up and share what dream we just “had”. For your enjoyment, here is a brief list of not even 10% of the ones that were shared (it went on for a while, and I can’t remember all of them):
1. I turned into an eyeball! (Cosette)
2. I grew huge and stomped on all the houses and condos in the neighborhood, then turned into a monster and smashed the PLANET!! (Connor)
3. I was a drum, and you kept hitting me on the head! (Me – because every time we “wake up” Connor is tapping me furiously “Wake up! Wake up!”
4. I was all hairy, and made of hair, and went “MYEAAHH” (Cosette)
5. I was a balloon and flew up into space! (Connor)
6. I was a rock that could talk and looked at you with eyes (Me – lame)

Man…that was only a little over an hour ago, and I can’t remember any more. Take my word for it, the kids out-imagination’ed me! Fun times.

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Aaaagghhh!!! I can hardly stand her cuteness.

This morning I’ve spent a little time giving Cosette a golf lesson, and she was really cute trying to remember how to hold the club and getting all excited when she hits the ball right.

Then while coloring and watching iCarly, there was a scene where Carly kisses Freddie. (Yes, I know I’m admitting that I’ve watched quite a bit of iCarly…it’s the kids fault.) But the Cute Cosette part is that she turns to me and makes the cutest face saying “That’s boring. That kissing is boring.” Hilarious.

But the piece-de-resistance is what she said last night…

She was talking in the car on the way home about a dream or something, that went kind of like this:

Cosette: “Jesus is sad.”

Us: “Why”

Cosette: “Because his family is going to California”

Us: “And he’s sad because he’s alone and will miss them?”

Cosette: “Ya, but then they come back!”

Us: “Oh good, so then Jesus is happy again.”

Cosette: “No, Jesus is crying”

Us: “Why?”

Cosette: “Because his children are lost.”

Us: Stunned silence…I tear up a bit.

I know she doesn’t realize the import of what that means, and she probably didn’t mean it that way, but something about hearing your 3-year-old say that Jesus is sad because his children are lost…

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Connor & Cosette

I will fight to the death anyone who thinks there are children in the world more adorable/awesome than mine!
(Ok, maybe not to the death….we’ll just have to agree to disagree…)

Here is some evidence that backs up my claim:

1. They’ve watched Toy Story (and Toy Story 2) a lot. No really, A LOT. So much so, that they take their respective Woody & Jessie dolls and re-enact the scenes…verbatim! It’s hilarious!
2. Following the Toy Story theme, on Sunday while playing on the bed we started playing like they were toys like from the movie, and had to stop moving/talking whenever I looked at them. That was a load of fun, and I’m not sure if it was my idea or Connor’s.

3. Which brings up another common activity. When daddy gets home from work, he is usually tired & hungry. When I unlock the door and enter, the sound of me at the door usually results in the kids quickly (sometimes not-so-quickly) “hiding” so they can jump out and yell surprise! And even though I usually make a bee-line for dinner, half the time I go into the bedroom to change out of work clothes and the kids end up coming in insisting we play on the bed. It’s kind of a win-win: I get to lay on the bed and recover from work for a bit, and they get to use me as a jungle-gym. One of their favorites is operating the “Daddy-machine” where I lay face down, and they sit on my butt and operate my legs like levers driving a tractor or spaceship or whatever.

4. Tickle fights. ‘Nuff said.

5. Whenever Connor gets upset about something and ends up on his bed crying, I can always come up with something silly/different to distract him and get him laughing/playing again.

6. Cosette’s laugh makes me laugh and fills me with indescribable Joy. (tearing up now as I write that sentence)

7. It is hilarious and amazing to see their over-the-top reactions to mundane/normal things I don’t think about. (Connor: “WOW! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, THATS AWESOME!” – his reaction to many things)

8. Knock-knock jokes. The Connor/Cosette version. Usually something like this:
Who’s there?
Mr. Pootsy!
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA (kids erupt in laughter)

9. Cosette is my angel; and my princess. I usually call her one or the other, and when I do, she reminds me of the other. (“Hi, my angel.” “And I’m your princess!”)

10. And my favorite: the unexpected, un-asked-for, random hugs and “I love yous”.

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Special Gifts

I discovered something very coincidental and emotional today.
I have two friends on Facebook who I’m sure don’t know each other. Both have a son named Caleb whose birthday is today.
One is celebrating with joy their 4-year-old…the other is grieving their Caleb that would have been born today, but was lost before his first breath.

What are the odds of that? What is the proper response? Celebrate with one family, and grieve with the other, I guess
Romans 12:15 – Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

And so I remember what special gifts from God my children are.
Thank you, Lord, for such special blessings!

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